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Rigging / Bones


The realistic simulations of natural phenomena created by the project design. Advanced simulations of liquids, smoke, fire, hair, fabric, the interactions of the objects and all kinds of simulations of other natural phenomena, which visually enhance the project.

Preparation of an object or a shell designed to create an animation based on advanced X presso interactions, which facilitate and accelerate the time of work-flow on animation. Adapted a whole into software Maxon Cinema 4D, which allows you to create non-linear animation system

Subtitles projects



The creations of the animation and typography with the logotype is our strong point. We create the surprising elements that match the composition and sound elements that form a coherent whole.
Our drawers provide a forms of creative concepts, objects, scenery and many other elements with a pinch of fresh ideas. Experienced drawers create their products on the way to help into the further production, to reduce a time of subsequent stages.

Textures / Materials


Composition / Editing

Creative drawers provide realistic and reflecting the assumptions storyboard textures, which are prepared directly on the 3D nodule, providing the best results are displayed saving time for implementation.
With the receipt of raw materials or rendering video, we compose, next we edit with the tools selected and we deliver the final, which is enriched by colors correction, the blur effects, depth of field, and many other more surprising effects 2D.


Special Effects



The special effects are created by means of different techniques, often we use ours own solutions to produce better results and reduce the time of production. Most special effects are all kinds of destruction of objects, particle effects, the penetrations and the rapids and full color animated transitions masked by Fractals.

The process of converting the project into the picture is often dependent on the project which we are working. We dispose the knowledge and experience that allows us drive the works to the maximum operating speed of rendering, so that the final result gives a satisfaction and execution time shorter.  On dependence of the design we are able to generate a picture in the comic-style or photo-realistic designed to the selected target groups.




Creations of the models of Hi / Medium / Low poly objects, forms based on the concepts, images, script and own creativity. We provide models in various formats from the UVW map, which can be correctly riggred. Models developed in the standard techniques, sculpting and the simulations.
The animations of the characters, the camera as the forms is the most creative  part of our production.
We give life to the characters, personalize them with their own style that they attract the receivers.
The animations of the characters, the objects and forms pays well in the production of the advertisements, the movies or the web pages. The animations of the cameras is specially useful for the visualizations of the objects or architecture.