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National Health Service

National Health Service commercial
NHS fairy in a funny way presents information about brushing your teeth, and then invites you to visit nearest point of NHS to learn more about keeping your teeth in healthy condition. Animation created at the beginning of 2013, already aired in British cinemas.
See more - National Health Service Fairy



Veet Hydro'Restor'

Veet Hydro'Restor'
This is how the new Veet product works: it magically removes hair, at its root. 
See commercial - Veet Hydro'Restor'





For the third edition of Kellogs we created the environment, VFX, particles and simulations, as well as the final scene rendering – commissioned by the Platige Image studio.
See commercial - KELLOGG'S Dog Fight



Nissan - illustration

Nissan ilustracja 3D
We had the opportunity to create the Nissan illustration in 3D.
See Illustration



Suzuki Maruti - Jetliner

Suzuki Maruti Jetliner
Another edition of the Maruti commercial. This time it’s a modern version, with an exclusive futuristic plane equipped with numerous gadgets. You can also see the “making of”, in which we show briefly how the commercial was made.

Our job was to make a plane from the creation stage to the 3D model, both the interior and the exterior.
See commercial - Suzuki Maruti - Jetliner



Usha Fans International - Air Experts - TVC

Usha Fans Air Expert Commercial 3D
The USHA fans lab experts play basketball during a short break, using efficient USHA fans.
See commercial - Usha Fans International - Air Experts - TVC



Nycil Cool Gulabjal

Commercial for Nycil – a product which cools the body down on hot days. Our task was creating floating ice cubes, rose petals and particles, as well as combining 3D material with video.
See commercial - Nycil Cool Gulabjal



Maruti Suzuki - Kitna Deti Hai - Amelia Johnson

Suzuki Maruti Amelia Johnson
Commercial spot for Suzuki Maruti with Amelia Johnson. It was done entirely in the retro standard. The spot alludes to the amount of fuel used by the Suzuki Maruti cars.

The commercial contains 3D elements: a plane, crowd multiplication and postproduction.
See commercial - Maruti Suzuki - Kitna Deti Hai - Amelia Johnson




"The future is NXT". It’s a teaser of a commercial for motor oil NXT.

See commercial - MAK 4T NXT OIL



BOŚ Bank - Low commission

BOŚ Bank poster advertising their low commission. The poster was made entirely by us: from models of boxes and the cart through to the textures and rendering.
Check still image gallery.


Łaciate - New packaging

Billboard for the new packaging "Łaciate – Safe in every position". It features a fit, cool cow, standing on its head, on a beautiful Polish meadow. We stroked its fur in 3D for a very long time. It was happy and no harm befell it. 
See commercial



Renault – Summer Sale 2012

We had the pleasure of making sand snowmen in 3D, which took part in a spot   "Renault – Summer Sale 2012" and were featured on posters.
Remember to have your head covered on those scorching hot days, and don’t forget your gabana shades, a scarf is not necessary
See 2D realization


Showreel 2012

Showreel 2012
Showreel presenting commercials created since 2009. It contains mainly commercial projects, 3D advertisements and motion graphics.
See Showreel 2012



Sunfeast Yippee Magic Masala TVC

Sunfeast Yippee Magic Masala TVC
Wish-granting genie cannot compete with Sunfeast Yippee Noodles ;)
See commercial - Sunfeast Yippee Magic Masala TVC



Kamis promotion

Promocja konsumencka Kamis
Commercial spot for Kamis done  in 3D
See commercial - Kamis promotion




FlegaminaCommercial spot for Flegamina (a medicine), which was created in cooperation with the Badi-Badi studio.

See commercial - Flegamina



n tvA series of illustrations for the French client Speedy, offering car service.
See illustration


BOŚ Bank from another perspective

Bank z innej perspektywy3D cube promoting the "Bank from another perspective" competition for BOŚ Bank 

See poster


Bosch - Non-articulated wiper AEROTWIN

Bosch - Bezprzegubowe wycieraczki AEROTWINCommercial spot promoting a new non-articulated wiper by Bosch.

See commercial - Bosch AEROTWIN


ESPN CLT20 2011 - Shah Rukh Khan

ESPN CLT20 2011 - Shah Rukh KhanFilm displayed at the opening of matches between the biggest cricket stars in India. The stars are among others:  Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh, Lasith Malinga, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni), Shane Watson, Virat Kohli.

Watch movie - ESPN CLT20 2011 - Shah Rukh Khan


Kellogg's "Moon and Stars"

Kellogg's Kellogg's "Moon and Stars" is the second edition of the cornflakes advertisement. Directed by Tomek Bagiński, produced by Platige Image. We created the environment, special effects and rendering.

See commercial - Kellogg's "Moon and Stars"


ING Bank

ING BankInteractive visualisation presenting new branches of the ING bank set up all ooverf Poland.

Check prezentation - ING Bank


Kellogg's "Choc'N'Rolls"

KELLOGG'S CHOC'N'ROLLS Kellogg's "Choc'N'Rolls" is the first edition of the cornflakes advertisement.  Directed by Tomek Bagiński, produced by Platige Image. We created the environment and compositing.

See commercial - Kellogg's "Choc'N'Rolls"


BOŚ BANK zmysły

bos-zmyslThree posters for the BOŚ BANK campaign, based on the senses: pencil scraps in the shape of  an eye, lips, and an ear in 3D

See poster


Dacia: Sandero, Duster, Logan

dacia-groupe-renault-rendering-compositingDacia advertisement presenting a new array of cars, containing 3D animation, rendering, tracking, compositing and motion graphics.

See commercial



Speedy_compositing_animation_pirelliOur firm did a short 3D animation for the French car service chain "Speedy", with character animation, rendering, matte painting, compositing and special effects.

See animation


Vaseline Healthy White

Vaseline healthy white creamer commercial animation 3DAdvertisement of Vaseline Healthy White. 3D animation, motion graphics, postproduction.

See commercial


TP SA - Dom telekomunikacyjnych

Serce i Rozum, Dom Telekomunikacyjnych, oferta TP, Neostrada, Livebox, ReklamaA pair of mascots – Heart and Reason show us their Telecommunications Family, they live in the Telecommunications Home. The family presents a wide offer of Telekomunikacja Polska: Neostrada, phone, Livebox, Digital TV, advertisements with mascots and even radio. 

"The Telecommunications Home" Project included modelling, texturing, decoration shaders and characters  construction, as well as postproduction. 

See 3D project - TP SA "Dom telekomunikacyjnych"


Artisan - Les Ballons De Barnabe


Production of a 3-minute-long project "Artisan" took  45 days. The workshop and the character’s body were done in stop-motion animation.  

The character’s head, hair, balloon simulation, vehicles, machines for balloon production and elements of the environment were made in 3D. The landscape elements were done with the matte painting technique.

See animation "Artisan"




Indian Premier League - IPL - Cricket Commercial 3D

Indian Premiere League IPL Cricket Commercial 3D AnimationA 45-second 3D animation, opening  the cricket season in India, completed in 2 weeks.

IPL is very popular in India, over 40 mln viewers watch it.

See 3D animation - IPL (Indian Premier League)



mBank - to Ty nas obchodzisz

10. urodziny mBanku  - to Ty nas obchodzisz3D animation combined with typography done for the online bank mBank, which had its 10th anniversary.

See 3D animation - mBank


Medos door fittings

Medos, Klamki, Okucia do drzwi, Render 3D, Kobieta z wodyIllustration promoting door fittings for the door knobs and hinges producer Medos.

See projects 2D/3D Still


Polsat Foundation - Podaruj Dzieciom Słońce - illustrations with 3D elements

Fundacja Polsat - Podaruj Dzieciom SłońceAid for sick children and their parents through the Polsat Foundation - Podaruj Dzieciom Słońce.
Making objects, renders and 3D composition, materials used for billboards which support actions, commissioned by  Fuse Collective

Check 2D/3D still image gallery


Essentiale Forte

Publicis, Film Republic, Balbina Bruszewska, Essentiale ForteCommercial for medicine Essentiale Forte. Combined techniques: video, 3D animation and drawings.
Inspired by the TV series House MD.


Se-Ma-For logo animation

Animacja 3D, Se-ma-for, Logotyp, Logo3D animation of the Se-Ma-For studio logotype.


Milka ChocoWafer i Milka ChocoGrains

Milka ChocoWafer i Milka ChocoGrainsNew Milka cookies: ChocoWafer and ChocoGrains.
Fuse Collective ordered a render of packaging and cookies in 3D.

Check 2D/3D still image gallery


Cyfra + Otwórz Oczy

CYFRA+ OTWÓRZ OCZYCommercial for Cyfra+ was done in the 3D technology. 3D animation along with compositing was completed in cooperation with the Badi Badi Fx Studio.

See commercial CYFRA+ OPEN YOUR EYES


Extra Żytnia

Extra Żytnia, Prezentacja 3D, Butelka, WódkaPresentation of a new bottle of the Polish vodka Extra Żytnia, decorated with  an engraved ear of rye.


Serenada - a good day is coming along

Serenada, PZL, Semafor, Se-ma-for, SpomlekA good day is coming along – the latest commercial for SERENADA selection of cheese ordered by the PZL agency and the SE-MA-FOR studio, which was responsible for puppet animation and decorations.

Our studio did 3D animation, special effects, postproduction, compositing and editing for Full HD.

See more - Serenada and making off - Compositingand 3D animation


Mr. Snaki - Wojna Cywilizacji

Mr. Snaki - Wojna CywilizacjiAdvertisement of  "Mr. Snacki" co-created with the Badi Badi studio for the SCHOLZ & FRIENDS agency.

See 3D animation - Mr. Snaki - Wojna Cywilizacji


Kursy produkcji i postprodukcji animacji 3D

Fundacja filmowa se-ma-for szkolenia animatorowWe were encouraged by the SE-MA-FOR foundation to conduct 3D animation and postproduction courses for future animators. The courses were supposed to  present the process of production in 3D from basics to effects and postproduction.


Elastika- Creative Studio - logo animation

ELASTIKA Studio Kreatywne LogoElastika- Creative Studio, logotype animation.


Logo animation - KOKOO club

Animacja Logo - Klub KOKOO3D animation for the Łódź-based club KOKOO .


POLMOT - Bilboard sponsorski Miss Polonia 2009

POLMOT - Bilbord sponsorski Miss Polonia 2009Billboard for the sponsor of the prize (fiat 500) for Miss Polonia 2009. The project was completed for the STGR agency.


Whiskas Supreme Singles - Nowy branding

Whiskas Supreme Singles - Nowy brandingNew Whiskas Supreme packaging in 3D.